How to Put Ads in CT blog Theme

Do you want to put ads in CT Blog theme then this is best theme for show your ads. we have two method for put ads in CT blog theme or Template.

How to Put Ads in CT Blog Theme.

Go to Your Dashboard and Click on "Layout" Option and find "Add a Gadget" Option then Click you will see multiple option like Adsense, Feature Post, Profile, Add HTML/JavaDcript etc.., if you have Google Adsense Approval Account then Click on Adsense or if you want to put other ads/manual then click on Add HTML/JavaScript..

how to put ads in ct blog theme

Now go to HTML/JavaScript Option and Paste Your Code who you want to show ads..

Now, after some time your ads will be show on your site..
You can see my site with Adsense Ad.

Method 2 for Google Adsense

If You have google approved adsense account then go Earning option in your Dashboard and Enable there  Display ads on Your blog. 

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